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NEW Boskke SKY Planter Recycled Range
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Straightforward to plant and hang
Indoors near to light
Upside down veg and herbs

NEW Boskke SKY Planter Recycled Range

Love the traditional ceramic SKY Planters but thought they were a bit pricey? Want to have an interesting alternative to a windox box? No windowsills but would like a kitchen herb garden?

You'll love these. The clever boys at Boskke have re-created the same design in recycled white plastic with a ceiling extension included in the box!

The compost and plant are held in place with a simple mechanism which means no spills and no drips. The plant is watered via a reservoir in the top of the pot and you have a handy indicator to tell you when to top it up, which is normally about once a week. 

Please contact us for more planting information or advice.

This new range is made from recycled poly propylene.

There are 3 sizes available:
Small - 13cm tall by 9.5cm diameter
Medium - 19cm tall by 14cm diameter 
Large - 25cm tall by 18cm diameter

Great gardening gift idea!

How it works

A locking disc and mesh holds the upside down plant and soil in place allowing you to hang your Sky Planter. Its internal reservoir system feeds water gradually to the plant roots. This conserves water, saves you time and brings a new angle on the term ‘urban gardening’.

Ready-grown plants are simply removed from their container and inserted into your new Sky Planter sometimes with a little extra compost. Once locked in place, turn the pot upside down (give a little shake to remove any excess bits of soil) and suspend from a securely fastened ceiling hook. Extension wires and wall mounts are also available for high ceilings or wall-hung planters.

A few basics to keep in mind when installing your SKY Planter

Light - Install your Sky Planter where there is enough natural light for your plant. You’ll notice that plants grow towards the light. For more balanced growth simply rotate the plant pot every few weeks.

Water - Not simply an upside down plant pot, a reservoir system feeds water gradually to the plant roots and minimises water loss through evaporation or drainage. A medium sized Sky Planter reservoir will typically hold enough water for up to two weeks in a temperate climate. You’ll need to refill more often during hot weather.

Soil - The Sky Planter is designed to hold standard indoor potting mix. Some specialty plants, such as orchids, require a different mix to encourage air circulation around their roots. If you’re unsure about the correct soil, ask your local garden centre staff for advice.

Nutrition - Feed your plants by putting liquid plant food directly into the reservoir but make sure it’s water soluble! Your local garden centre can advise about the right food for your plant. Remember, you can over-feed plants, so only use as directed.

What sort of plants are best suited - The Sky Planter will grow a wide variety of common house plants. For optimal air-purification and hardiness we recommend Kentia and Areca palms, Anthurium, English Ivy, Peace Lily and Rubber plants. Many kitchen herbs will thrive and you can even grow your own vegetables.

Experiment with your favourite plants and see how they adjust to a life upside down!

A couple of our favourites:
Also known as Flamingo Flower, it has shiny dark foliage and a heart-shaped flower in red, white or pink. Needs bright light but avoid direct sunlight. Moderate water 
Let the soil dry out between watering by leaving the reservoir dry, particularly in winter. Requires a high level of humidity so weekly misting is recommended.
Areca Palm
Often call the Golden Cane Palm it has feathery green fronds which radiate from several trunks. Identified by NASAas a plant that promotes air purification. See video by ‘Kamal Meattle’, on how to grow your own fresh air. Needs moderate to bright light. Heavy water Maintain a constant water level in the reservoir, with occasional dry spells to avoid root rot. Sensitive to chemicals so use filtered water. Mist occasionally for optimum plant health.

A full plant list will be available for download shortly.

Suitable For

  • Indoor Growing
  • Windowsills
  • Outdoor growing
  • Patio +
  • Balcony Railing
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