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Uber chic corten steel planters

Made from solid steel, these planters will grace any entrance or patio

Our Fruit Tree carry a 36 month Guarantee.

All our stock are certified disease free.

0-3 months from date of delivery.

We offer a 100% replacement tree service if your tree dies within the first three months of delivery, this includes your post and packaging.

3-12 months from date of delivery.

If your tree dies from 3 to 12 months after delivery, we offer a 100% replacement on the cost of the tree and charge for delivery cost at the current rate.

12-36 months from time of planting.

If your tree dies from 12 to 36 months after delivery, we offer a 50% replacement on the cost of the tree and charge for delivery cost at the current rate.

It is important that you follow the instruction on the card provided with your fruit tree.  Buying a fruit tree is a long term investment. So it is important to get thing right from the start.

This guarantee does NOT cover: Storm damage, Insects or animals such as deer, dogs and rabbits.

On claiming your guarantee we ask you to just send us your order form with some pictures so that we can try and find out what went wrong.

Our Plant and Herb Guarantee

You might be a little nervous about looking after your new plants, or you might have had a bad experience before. So, if your plants do not arrive in tip top condition, or if they do not last as you would have expected let us know and we'll provide replacements (or substitutions due to availability). Rules of nature do apply so:
  1. Open your box of plants the day it arrives. We ship plants using next day delivery, so when you have your despatch confirmation email expect them the following day. If they have not arrived with 2 days do contact us.
  2. Use the 'book a day' facility of you are concerned about the day they arrive.
  3. Plants to need watering/drainage and light. So even if you are not ready to plant, take them out of their wrapping and place on a saucer with some water and sunlight.
  4. Once planted, give your new plants a week or so to settle in. If they don't last do get in touch!
  5. Everyone gets a second chance, so even if it was your fault, let us know and we'll still send out some more and give you a bit more guidance.


Our postage charges are priced depending upon the weight of the order and is per delivery address. We can only offer delivery to England and Wales at the moment but are working on extending our delivery capability for more distant customers. If you would like to arrange delivery to other locations please email and we can help you "offline".

We cannot do Sunday deliveries unless we deliver in person. Do contact us if you are in the Shropshire or Brighton area.

For large raised beds it is possible to buy the package without compost, please email us for further information.

Many thanks,

The Team @ Urban Allotments

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